Water Softener Installation Near Me

We offer the best water softener installation and water filter installation service that’s provided and supervised by the most efficient water filtration installers, in Mecklenburg County, NC. Whether you need to have a water softener, a filtration service, or both installed – look no further than Towhead Plumbing.

We provide water softener installation and water filtration services in these areas:

  • Matthews
  • Westport
  • Davidson
  • McAdensville
  • Huntersville
  • Moorseville

Water Softener Installation Near Me

Water that is supplied in our homes usually contains hard mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium carbonates. If there is a fairly high amount of these hard mineral ions in water, this makes the water considered hard. Hard water makes rinsing away soap and detergents more difficult. Thus, showering and washing require more water. Also, as a result, laundry becomes rather stiff and coarse and it also makes skin and hair dry. Hard water also causes scaling and residue buildup in pots and other utensils, not to mention hard water stains in sinks, bathroom walls, tiles, fixtures, and bathtubs. Not only that, hard water can cause long-term damage to plumbing, water tanks, water heaters, and filtration systems.

To avoid all these issues, you need to have a water softener installed in your plumbing. A water softener installation solves this problem by actively replacing these hard mineral ions with softer mineral ions such as sodium and potassium. This results in softer water that does not leave hard water stains, prevents scaling in utensils and makes washing and rinsing use less water. Soft water is also less harsh to your plumbing installation and makes them last longer.

Towhead Plumbing uses the latest technology in all our water softening installations. You can rest assured that when you come to us for your water softening installation and water filtration service needs, you’re in good hands.

Water Filtration Installers Near Me

We employ the best water filtration installers in Mecklenburg County, NC. Even localities outside the areas specified above call us for all their water filtration, water filter installations, and water softener installation needs. That’s how widespread our reputation for reliability and quality service is.

Our water filtration installers are all duly certified professionals who have extensive experience in this field. People don’t just know us for dependable water softener installation services but also for excellence when it comes to water filtration installations.

In fact, we can proudly say we are the standard by which all water filtration installers this side of North Carolina are measured. And it’s the kind of high-quality service we bring to every water softener and water filter installation we do.

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Water Filtration Services Mecklenburg County, NC

We offer the most comprehensive water filtration service in North Carolina. Our services are not only confined to water softener and water filtration installation services in residential areas. We also cater to commercial and even industrial installations.

Even building contractors consider us as their first choice when it comes to the water softener and water filtration installations in their projects. They’re all familiar with the kind of work we do. And so, they’re more than happy to subcontract to us because they’re assured that we won’t let them down.

But don’t get it wrong. We don’t only accept big contracts and projects. We are more than happy to accept water filtration services and water softener installations for residential homes. And you can rest assured, the high-quality service we bring to our big-name projects is the same kind of committed service we’ll bring to your home.

Water Filter Installation

There is no job too small or too big for us. When it comes to water filter installations, no one does it better than us. When it comes to water softener installations, no other company even comes close. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial in nature – we are your best choice for water filter and water softener installation in and around Mecklenburg County, NC.

Call us now to get a quote and experience the Towhead Plumbing difference.

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