Water Heater Repair Davidson, NC

Towhead Plumbing provides water heater installation, repair and replacement services to ensure that homeowners and residents of Davidson, NC never need to worry about failed water systems. A home’s water heating system is priceless. It becomes even more critical at certain times of the year, especially winter. You do not want to have to go through any amount of time without sufficient hot water in your home.

Our services go beyond fixing broken water heater systems and cover a wide range of additional services. They include water heater installation, maintenance, replacement and repair services. Each of these is performed by a water heater contractor who is specially trained for the job. All our services are available to residents in Mountain Island Lake Area.
One of the goals of our expert water heater contractors is to ensure that your water heater’s life expectancy is achieved. However, we also recommend that our clients not wait until there is an obvious problem with the system to call us. Regular checks will address any seen or unseen issues that could lead to water damage, or in case of leaks. It can also eliminate the need to replace a water heater early, since it is well maintained.

Water Heater Installation

In addition to repair, our services in Davidson, NC also include water heater installation. There are two types of water heaters; gas and electric water heaters. Water is heated by a gas flame in a gas water heater system, while an electric element is used for the electric system.

Since the utility bills attached to water heating are usually the second-highest in most cases, this is an important consideration when choosing between the two types of systems.

The cost of gas water heater installation is often higher than the installation of an electric heater. However, when it comes to utility bills, gas systems are cheaper than electric ones. In most cases, the extra cost incurred during installation of the gas heater will be recovered within a year.

However, another option for your water heater installation is to get a high-efficiency electric water heater. Although more expensive than their gas counterparts, they are best for hot climates. Since the heater uses environmental heat for heating up the water, you can probably recover the cost of purchase within two years.

Unlike repair, it is advisable to think of water heater installation as a long-term investment. Take your time to compare your options so you can make the best decision for your specific circumstances.

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Water Heater Replacement

There are cases in which a repair is not sufficient to sort out a problem with a water heater system. In such cases, your water heater contractor may recommend that you get a replacement. It may sound like a loss, but one obvious advantage is that your home gets an upgrade. You get to choose from some of the best products with the latest improvements in the market.

Water heater repair service providers advise that you don’t wait until your system goes out before you think of replacement. In fact, a good reason to get a replacement is if your water heater is more than 10 years old. This is especially so if its location is a place where it can cause water damage in your home should a leak develop.

You may also require water heater replacement if the water from the heater is contaminated with rust. A specialist water heater contractor would be the best person to help you find out whether the rust is affecting the entire water heater or just the pipes. You may also need your water heater replaced if it produces any unfamiliar sounds.

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While Water heater replacement costs can be significant, this should not discourage you. You can actually recover most of the expense quickly when you choose an efficient heater. Come to Towhead Plumbing at Davidson, NC, or call us today we will be happy to give you the very best water heater repair and replacement services.

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